How to manipulate HTML elements with pure Javascript?


After getting HTML elements, we may need to use Javascript to manipulate. This post will introduce: ① How to listen element events? ② How to add or delete child elements? ③ How to change element attributes?

Keywords: HTML elements, Javascript , listen events , add , delete , attributes.

Listen events

We often need to listen to some events of the element to trigger further processing. Usually need to listen : mousedowm, mouseup, mouseover, mouseout and change. The following case is for these events, other events are similar, as long as you know the event name, you can replace the corresponding event name.

					<!DOCTYPE html>
		<meta charset="utf-8">
	<body data-rsssl=1>
		<div id='example_div'>Here is an example div for every operation</div>
		<input title='open file' id='choose_file' type="file" />
	<script type="text/javascript">
	    //listen funcions, often write in window.onload() function
		window.onload = function() {
			var that = this;
			var this_div=document.getElementById('example_div');
			this_div.addEventListener('onmousedown', function(e){
				console.log('example div mousedown');
			this_div.addEventListener('onmousemove', function(e){
				console.log('example div onmousemove');
			this_div.addEventListener('onmouseup', function(e){
				console.log('example div onmouseup');
			this_div.addEventListener('onmouseover', function(e){
				console.log('example div onmouseover');
			this_div.addEventListener('onmouseout', function(e){
				console.log('example div onmouseout');
			var this_e = document.getElementById('choose_file');
			this_e.addEventListener('change', function(e) {
				var file = e.currentTarget.files[0]; 
				console.log('get file',file);


listen mouse events

Create elements

To create an element, you can use the document.createElement() method, but this method cannot use this as a parameter when assigning a value to the element click event. In this case, you can use the string method to create the element.

					// document.createElement() create element and setting
var this_button= document.createElement('button');


//can not use this as parameter


// through string create element , can use this as parameter
var parent_button= document.createElement('button');
var outer_html='<button type="button" class="test-btn" onclick="colicThisNode(this)">copy</button>';
var this_button=parent_button.childNodes[0];


create elements by string

Add/Delete elements

If you want to add or delete elements, you need to get the corresponding node then manipulate it.

					var this_div=document.getElementById('example_div');

//remove all childrens

//add childrenNode
var this_button = document.createElement('button');
this_div.appendChild(this_button);   //append child as the last node of <div>
this_div.insertBefore(this_button, this_div.children[0]);  //append child as the first node of <div>


Change attributes

To set an element attribute use the setAttribute() method and to remove an attribute use the removeAttribute() method. Among attributes, hidden is a special one. If you want to hide the element, you can set the hidden attribute of the element to true, but if you want show the element, you need to remove the hidden attribute rather than set hidden to false.

					var this_div=document.getElementById('example_div');
this.setAttribute('hidden','true');  //hide this_div
this..removeAttribute("hidden");  //show this_div



Javascript has a lot of element manipulate methods. This post mainly introduces how to use addEventListener() to listen events, how to use document.createElement() to create functions and use this as a parameter, and how to use appendChild() and insertBefore() to add children elements, and finally describes how to add and remove attributes through setAttribute() and removeAttribute().

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