PDF.js annotation library in pure JavaScript. Create and save PDF annotation.


The best solution of pdf.js annotation, only use pdf.js-dist, and it is very easy to import into your project. PDF highlight, PDF underline,  PDF signature, PDF screenshot, PDF textbox, PDF draw, PDF polygon.

1-Demo and Source code

Demo and source code:  https://demos.libertynlp.com
the best solution of pdf.js annotation, only use pdf.js-dist, support old browser, smart phone and mobile device, very easy to import into your project.


① download : save pdf with annotations mark
② highlight : highlight selected text;
③ underline : underline selected text;
④ screenshot: screenshot pdf save as png;
⑤ polygon: add textbox/arrow/rectangle/circle;
⑥ free draw: free draw;
⑦ image: insert image (forexample signature);
⑧ edit: edit annotation ( copy/delete/add comment/navigate );
⑨ output annotations : output annotations for importing;
⑩ import annotations : import annotations for current file;
⑪ download txt : download annotations and comments text;
⑫ clear: clear one/page/file annotation;
⑬ undo annotations : undo annotations in current page;
⑭ help : open help file;

3-Demonstrate Video

Youtube tutorial video:https://youtu.be/ea_0N89-pm8


I have figureed out the best solution of pdf.js annotation using only pdf.js-dist, and I put the live demo and source code in https://demos.libertynlp.com

Waiting for your visiting and using.

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