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If there is a technology that promises freedom, we believe it is NLP. Liberty is used here instead of Free, because we understand that it is only possible to obtain a certain degree of freedom after experiencing struggle and tempering. The project is committed to bringing natural language processing technology closer to life and improving learning and work efficiency. The road to scientific research is often long and dark. We hope to bring some light, so the first product application is called “Firefly”. We believe that there is still much to be done where short-sightedness can be seen. Let’s pursue liberty together!

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Team Members

Please don’t use your efforts only to chase your own victories, please use them to help others
Chaoxu Wei

Chaoxu Wei

Postgraduate student at Tongji University
UI front-end and back-end algorithms, full stack engineer.
Juan Wu

Juan Wu

Bachelor of Wuhan University
Project Manager
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“There are many people in the world who want to work hard but can’t, and people who work too hard and are exhausted. Please don’t use your efforts only to chase your own victory, please use them to help others.”





Yangpu District, Shanghai