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[With code] Create online pdf annotation(pdf highlight, pdf underline) based on pdf.js

I have figured out the best solution of pdf.js annotation, only use pdf.js dist, very easy to import into your project ! Demo :

PDF.js annotation library in pure JavaScript. Create and save PDF annotation.

PDF.js annotation library in pure JavaScript. Create and save PDF annotation. PDF highlight, PDF underline, PDF signature, PDF screenshot, PDF textbox, PDF draw, PDF polygon

How to transfer Javascript Object data when using Vue axios?

We have introduced how to set global parameters for Vue axios and how to execute a network request, this post will introduce: How to use Vue axios to carry Javascirpt Object data?

How to execute a synchronous Vue axios network request?

Through the previous posts, we know how to set request headers and global parameters for Vue axios. This post will introduce: How to use Vue axios to execute synchronous network request?

How to catch and handle Vue axios error?

It is very important to reasonably catch network error and report. This post will introduce: ① How to catch Vue axios error? ② How to notify the user? ③ How to notify website maintenance personnel?

How to set request timeout and header for Vue axios?

When we use Vue axios to initiate a request, we may need to do some global configuration. This post will introduce : ① How to add timeout to axios request? ② How to add request header to axios?

How to manipulate HTML elements with pure Javascript?

After getting HTML elements, we may need to use Javascript to manipulate. This post will introduce: ① How to listen element events? ② How to add or delete child elements? ③ How to change element attributes?

How to manipulate array of objects in Javascript?

In Javascript, we often need to manipulate array objects. This post mainly introduces: ① How to get the index of array elements? ② How to delete array elements? ③ How to slice array elements? ④ How to insert elements in the array? ⑤ How to concat arraies?

How to get HTML elements by using pure Javascript?

In many cases, we need to get HTML elements. This post will introduce: How to use pure Javascript to get elements by id, class, and tagname?

How to get HTML elements by using JQuery?

In many cases, we need to get HTML elements. This post will introduce: How to use JQury to get elements by id, class, tagname, xpath?

How to store and read data using localStorage in Javascript?

We can use localStorage in Javascript to access data. In this post you will learn: ① How to use localStorage?  ② How to save and read strings via localStorage? ③ How to store and read Json objects through localStorage?

How to use replace, split and slice methods of strings in Javascript?

In the web applications we develop, processing strings is the most commonly used function, this post will introduce : ① How to replace Javascript strings? ② How to split a string to generate an array? ③ How to slice a string by index?

How to read .txt file by Javascript and keep \r\n effect?

After we open the .txt file in the website, Javascript will automatically ignore the \r\n in the file. This post will cover : ① How to use to select files? ② How to read .txt file using Reader()? ③ How to keep \r\n effect of .txt file?

How to customize the overflow ::webkit-scrollbar?

we need to modify the overflow ::-webkit-scrollbar and ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb style, make it narrower, modify the color of the ::-webkit-scrollbar-track

How to use javascript to achieve HTML element  hover effect?

When we develop website applications, we may need to show or hide some buttons when the mouse hovers over some elements, which is somewhat like the hover effect in css, but since we want changes the exist of elements.

How to figure out Vue axios CORS block?

When we develop website applications, we may use the front-end and back-end separation strategy or request resources from other domain. At this time, we may trigger the http CORS block.

How to load file from URL using PDF.js bypassing browser CORS?

The previous post has introduced how to disable the CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) of PDF.js, but PDF.js still cannot load the file from the URL, this is because the double CORS block of PDF.js and the browser.

How to use PDF.js to load file from URL and figure out CORS block?

Through the previous steps, we can open local file in PDF.js, but when we want to load file from URL, it will be failed because of  blocking the CORS(Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).

How to import and use PDF.js in a new project?

In the previous blog, several pdf webviewer solutions were introduced and compared, including WebViewer and PDF.js. In the end, the open source PDF.js was chosen.

How to choose an open source Web PDF viewer?

The most basic function of the paper reading website is a Web PDF viewer, which can realize multi-system reading and multi-terminal reading with cloud storage.

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